Kahwa Tea

though love is expensive, 
but not more than kahwa tea
the quest of truth is there 
but not more than the search for 
pure saffron 
I admired kahwa as I admired the Incense 
I have to forget the taste of kahwa
to forget you 
have to forget the visual
of your rugged hands grinding cloves 
and cardamoms 
have to loose the smell of 
dried rose petals 
have to loose you,

In these times, 
I was stupefy myself 
With the idea that I own you 
like brass kettle 
I liberate you, as I liberate myself 
from the idea of owning anything. Even you.

All I need was a cup of kahwa, but I desired the whole kettle 
Here lies the contradiction 
of my reality 
Which is 

and Corrupted as well.

– Gursimran Datla

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